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Your Non-Profit Roadmap to Employee Benefits

A valuable employee benefits plan for non-profits requires an ability to ensure that the organization, along with every member of the team, is positioned for long-term success. Creativity, experience, and enthusiasm are key in designing a total rewards package that allows you to shape a positive culture within your organization. At Legacy Advisory Group, we take great care in developing custom benefits plans, in addition to providing a tailored, personalized experience to help ensure your employees are happy, healthy, and fulfilled.


The first step is understanding your objectives and aligning them with a comprehensive plan that is right for your organization. We look at factors including goals, values, and mission.


What do you want to accomplish long-term for not only the organization, but the individual employees who dedicate their lives to your cause?


What are the main principles of your organization and how do these ethics and standards define how benefits are chosen and enacted?


What is your guiding philosophy and how can your benefits plan align with that incredibly important pursuit?


We then key in on the custom plan offerings that will fit with those objectives:

Group Offerings

Traditional 403(b) & Roth 403(b) Retirement Plans

Traditional 401(k) & Roth 401(k) Retirement Plans

Profit Sharing Plans

Cash Balance Plans


Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Traditional & Roth IRA Rollover Programs




Long Term Care

Bonus Programs

Executive Deferred Compensation
457(b) & 457(f) Plans

Endowments & Foundations

Investment Policy Statements

Individual Offerings

Retirement Income Planning

Social Security Strategies

College Savings Planning

Estate & Tax Strategies


Custom Managed Portfolios 

Lifetime Income Strategies


Individual Employee?

Are you an individual employee working for a non-profit in need of custom financial planning services? If you would like to see our personalized offerings, head to our private client page.

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